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that makes total sense then, I was beginning to wonder.
I have never tried it with it off, I have a highly treated room use the "flat curve" (I used to use the "Audyssey curve" but flat sounds better I highly treated room). For movies I am at -3Db and no ear fatigue. I tweak the following.System 9.2 (heights & wides)Center - raise by 1dbSurrounds -raise by 1dbSubs - raise by 4db (flat curve for some reason has less punch in bass region even though nothing is changed between the 2 curves?)
Got a question guys, I just bought this boom mic (link and pic below) to replace my other boom mic since the arm didn't extend far enough and I had to put boom mic in front of MLP and I preferred not to do this. The New boom mic is total overkill but I need a longer extending arm and this is what I got. It has caster wheels on it or I can not use them. My question is will the wheels transmit vibration into microphone possibly? They are rubber coated and I would prefer to...
In need of a Audyssey pro installer best the the 62236 area code. Thanks, Rob
I would use a shielded RCA cable only.
I use Emotiva RCA cables.
agreed, I have 242 panels on side walls, ceiling for 1st and 2nd reflections, tri-traps in all corners, QRD diffusors on the 25% line on back wall (for surrounds). I have 8" thick monster traps on rear wall. Entire room has 15" concrete furred down 8" with Double 5/8" soundbreak xp and 3 tubes of green glue per sheet and safe and sound insulation.
if I could find a CMX-2 I would by one for sure.
yep, directly in wall.
opening them up would require taking them out if cabinet that is built in wall...not with that lol
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