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I'm not sure where you are at, but you probably won't get any bites if the seller has to ship the sub. You might want to give a location and hope that someone close has one they want to sell. With your budget you are asking someone to part with an SVS sub for around a $100-$150 before shipping.
How old is the sub and what are you charging for shipping to 49307 which is in MI?
Parting ways with my TX-NR709. It has been a great unit for the last year, but alas, the upgrade bug has hit and I am putting it up for sale. I live in Big Rapids, MI 49307 and would prefer local pick up, but shipping can be arranged for the right price. I will be putting pictures up soon, but it is in like new condition and will have all original packaging and materials.
The RF62s will definitely need a subwoofer, and if you are serious about HT gear you are going to want a subwoofer regardless of what speakers you buy. The KGs will definitely provide you with more bass overall, but I think you will find either one lacking without a sub. As far as the store goes just Google AVS Store. It'll be the first thing listed. I'm not going to link to it because I'm not sure if that violates any forum rules. Hope that helps.
The KG's are great speakers from what I understand, but I would still go with the RF62's. The main issue you are going to run into is that the system you posted about it piece-parted together with speakers from different lines. I would rather have a system that is completely (sans sub) from the same line of speakers. You will notice a difference between the center and the front two speakers and that will jar you out of the movie experience.
I'm not necessarily saying tube amps are the end all of amps, but a lot of people think they are, or think you have to go really expensive or it sounds like ****. Commsysman is totally wrong about the crown. They make great amps. Like I said there is a reason many professionals use crown amps to power huge systems.
Crown amps may not give you the sound of a tube amp but I wouldn't say they are bad amps. There is a reason why a lot of professionals use crown amps.
Don't get caught up in the crap surrounding sensitivity and how it is measured. I have personally owned a set of Polk Monitor Series II and recently moved to the Klipsch Reference line and I will say definitively that the Klipsch speakers are much more detailed and fuller sounding with movies than the Polks. I have also noticed how much louder they get without distortion with movie cues such as explosions, gunfire, crashes, etc. One scene where I noticed this the most...
Lol, no worries. Actually I have the RB-61 IIs as my surround speakers in my HT set. I have the RF-82 IIs and RC-62 II as my front sound stage. I use that system for over 90% HT usage and those speakers coupled with an SVS subwoofer sound great. For music I actually have an older set of B&W monitors that I use near field. I did happen to get the 61's before the rest of my system and hooked them up in two channel to see how they sounded and you are correct. They...
Those speakers are extremely efficient and can be driven by any decent receiver from Denon, Onkyo, Yamaha, etc. Almost all of them will provide at least 80W per channel with 2 channels driven which is more than enough for your speakers. The bigger issue is your desire for room filling deep sound. As someone who own the RB61s I can tell you that you will not get a lot of bass from those speakers. It is the nature of bookshelf speakers. You are probably going to want to...
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