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Please try the links now
Oh crap thanks for letting me knew the vid doesn't work. Btw the cable goes directly into the television and not into the receiver. Also it's a hiss for the dolby issue for sure and it's more like an interference sound for the television issue. I will try and fix the links now so you can hear
hello I have a hissing issue with my stereo system. I'm really not sure what the issue is this is supposed to be a good receiver. Onkyo tx609n I have attached a video that has the sound in it. I am on the menu and the hissing sound is still going. this sound happens when I listen to television as well. the menu is via HDMI video but i was still on tv audio which is analog... So is analog supposed to have this weird interference? I turned it up really loud so it can be...
That's exactly why he its suggesting it...to minimize re work. Thanks for all the responses, I'm going to try and convince him to run 2 wire instead of 3 wire with common neutral
My friend is suggesting I use two separate circuits for the lights with dimmer and the sub, like you suggested, BUT is saying those circuits can share a common neutral.You guys think this would cause any issues? He's a young electrician, smart, but obviously not wise as he is still in his 20s like me.
Sorry about the incoherent portion. ( stupid phone). why would he be better off running everything to the receiver rather than the television? I mean I do it too but I don't know why I do it... there is obviously cable management benefits, but are there any audio/video benefits?
hey guys just a quick question. I'd I just bought a brand new yamaha receiver kind of like my onkyo txn 609 and he wants to run all is hdmi cables direct to the tv. is there any benefit of burning through the receiver? I told him that's what I do but I don't know why do it. he was going to run a fiber optic cable from the tv to the receiver for sound. is this a good solution rather than running hdmi to the receiver than a few my to the tv?
Thanks I was just concerned about what happens if the wife plugs a 10amp vaccuum cleaner in with music playing and TV on. It will be close. 10amp - vaccuum 2amp - tv 1.5amp - stereo ??amp - 12 inch sub 1.5amps - ps3 = 15amps + whatever an average sub draws. That would most likely trip the breaker on a 20amp circuit. Damn, I thought I could put it all on one. Power planning is fun, but disappointing when your numbers crush your goals.
Wait, was hum from the lights or the sub?
Operative phrase "before hand". I will be doing the same when I but my next house(brand new). But for now this house was built in 69 with aluminum wires.... I will be placing the tv, ps3, onkyo 609, and a sub on a dedicated 20 amp circuit. hmmmm.. 80% of 20 is only 16 amps. I may want to reconsider and split the AV equipment. When the receiver says 6.5 amps does that mean at full blast with full surround or does that mean it can draw a MAX of 6.5 amps, but...
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