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The 15" driver is a woofer not a sub woofer. The crossover for the woofer is typically designed between ~50hz to ~1200hz depending on the speaker.
Lots jump from low efficiency speakers to high. Havent seen any going back. Your aversion to manual labor is well documented but if you stick with them consider picking up a set of Volt 10's with the slant box option for surrounds. http://www.diysoundgroup.com/coaxial-speaker-kits/v10-volt-kit.html I hope to get mine mounted tomorrow. Edit: I through mine together in a few hours. Including building the crossover
Seems as if I am in the minority. I like the look. Are you pleased?
Congrats on the new subs!! I love the look of a down fire sub
stan, congrats on the new speakers. Anxiously awaiting your thoughts. High efficiency speakers are the way to go!
Good luck. Exciting and stressful. I hope all goes your way!
I know a few companies make them but they are very pricey. ~$2k a pair.
I am running a balanced signal into my pro amps only because my previous AVR (mid to low level Yammie) was clipping and I have a bit of a ground loop (CATV) I was able to isolate and repair to ~80% decrease. I picked up a Behringer DI4000 for $~100. 4 channels + ground lift. My current AVR-PIO SC1522 offers plenty of pre amp voltage but I still run balanced only because I have the equipment, If you have an AVR with a solid preamp voltage you should be fine with...
Close enough. The cost of the woofers went up $5 shortly after I order.
I would send an email at the website. The guy running it is pretty reasonable. He may let you pick up two then and a third later.http://www.diysoundgroup.com/contacts/
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