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Nickbuol, I just got my order and our picture would have been too tall so we just rotated it and printed it sideways. Couldn't you do that and make it as long as you want?
Just read this. I know you weren't trying to be funny but I couldn't stop laughing at these pics
Holy photo barrage! Good work. Looks great.
You can search for Kidde interconnected alarms on Amazon. They have wireless or wired.
I had luck finding the JM equivalent of OC 703 in little old WI at an insulation supplier. Their warehouse had loads of it and linacoustic. I had a little more luck when I asked for 3 lbs per cubic foot rigid fiberglass insulation. BTW, jealous of where you live. Great area.
Great room! Panels look great. Did you end up going 1", 1.5" and 2" for depths? After building so many panels, any tips/tricks/gotchas for assembling them for someone inspired by [read: copying] your design? Did I see a picture of BIG routing them?
Lexman, don't mean to hijack the thread and forgive my ignorance but what's the benefit of the batting? It's just filler behind the frames where you aren't looking for absorption, right? Could you leave it empty?
Thanks, good to know.
It goes without saying that you've got an awesome theater. Great build thread too. I was wondering if you could comment on how well you like your HVAC for the theater, particularly cooling in our Wisconsin winters etc. The poster TV for the games is a great idea. (Unless of course you DVR the game and it ruins it)
Great room! Love the staggered frames. I moved your look to the top of my "I'm just going to try to copy this" pile.
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