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No, I don't know that for sure, but I assumed when using a full range stereo speaker pair for L/R duties they are in that position. I thought this spot would be correct for bass reproduction.
Well, I envision two dual-tower 8's that would double as speaker stands or I would build the subs in the same cabinet(separate airspace) as my DIY mains. However, I am open to suggestions if anyone thinks this would not work properly. I currently have TL speakers with an F3 of 28Hz and I am satisfied with LFE so dual 8s (I'm guessing F3~25Hz)would be fine in my room. I am not opposed to a 12 or 15, this is still a possibility, I just thought asthetically dual 8s (front...
Have there been any new developments with the the 8" servo sub design? I would be interested in a dual 8 design setup like the F25. What size amp would be powering these designs? Thanks Adam
Hi, all... I've been thinking about building a pair of full range large speakers with 2 of the 8ohm GR research drivers in each cabinet( in their own air space) and a tweeter /mid in their own air space but same enclosure. Would there be any downside to this? Thanks
Hi all, Rythmik, I was wondering if there have been any new developments on the aforementioned possibility of an 8" servo sub... will a dual 8 be available? Thanks, Adam.
Rythmik, Is it possible to create a servo-based full range speaker system? If so, is there a possibility for a home speaker line from Rythmik in the future. Even if this is not possible do you have any desire to engineer a line of speaker systems? Thanks, Adam
I am also interested in building a DIY 1510HP kit, and was wondering if there are any resonance problems with using standard plywood, as opposed to MDF. Also, if anyone knows, I want to build the sealed kit but if I decide to change my design to ported is there a difference in the electronics on the amp or can I simply redesign the box? Thanks Adam
Thanks for your input Geoff... I was also wondering?... Right now I'm equipped with a DIY 12" TC sounds sub driver( older DB500 model) with a 500 watt Oaudio amp, in a 4ft^3 box( which I presume to resemble the svs pb12in output and SQ), and previously I had it sealed in a 3ft^3 box. Both sound great in their respective alignments, however the upgrade bug has me possessed! I have been comparing Epik subs, and in my 2000ft^3 living room, I was wondering if 2 Legends would...
Thank you for your response. I have been reading that the Empire is completely inert, is it possible to use them as speaker stands without the speakers dancing around and tumbling off? Thanks!
Hi everyone, I was wondering if the Epik Empires are shipped directly to your home via freight, or is it shipped to a facility where I would have to pick up? Thanks for any help with my question.
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