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Here's another short vid.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ch1jORiKccE
I shot a video of some Danley speakers at an old theater that has been turned into a dance club. Thought you might like to hear some of their new subs. They only go down to 35hz but they do it with authority. I shot this with a stereo mic on my camera so you could sort of experience what was happening in the room. Two SH96HO's and two BC415's fed by DSL rack mount processor and four new DSL 12k amps. Please comment.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pUTaos5EsY
This was recorded with a stereo mic on the camera.
It's a good sub but there's a better one now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pUTaos5EsY
Here is another video. The DJ was playing low res mp3's.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pUTaos5EsY
They put some lights in the cabinets and connected them to the house light controller. Temporary as of now but they might be an option soon.
I got a chance to see some new Danley Sound Labs speakers in action last week at an EDM dance club in Atlanta. I did a couple of videos with stereo sound. Best if you have full range speakers or headphones. They set up two sm80m's and two TH118's for the DJ monitors and two SH96HO's and two BC415's for the main room speakers. It was in a 1920's era theater converted into a club. All speakers were powered by Danley's new 12,000 watt amps and controlled by their proprietary...
I've got a couple of new vids on my Youtube channel that are from a concert at the Masquarade in Atlanta. They used two J3's and two TH812's and a couple of SM80 front fills. The sub's were hitting so massively hard that shell shock internal damage was what came to mind. Sorry the camera's preamps caused the picture to distort when the kick hits. The local crew didn't think the rig would do the job because all the sound companies always brought in multiple tops and subs....
There are 4 Danley vids on that link including a couple from the WFX 2012 Atlanta show including the new SM80 compact loudspeaker and TH118 combo. It's quite a power house. Ivan suggested 4 or more TH118's to keep up with it. I think 2 SM80's on top of a TH812 would be a great concert rig.
New Posts  All Forums: