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Thanks for the response. He was talking about changing channels and volume and such. I was just checking for real world use.
Is their an lag(I understand minimal lag) that is noticeable when using irule on the iPad? I was at an HT store and he said don't use the iPad with wifi because the lag is about 2 seconds. I know irule is the way to go for me but it does raise a concern with the lag. So I guess universal remote vs iPad running irule what is the lag time on both?
Nightskymurals when you come to Texas and paint my HT my treat. pulled pork, brisket, chicken, sausage, ribs,and chopped brisket. Plate 1 and 2. North main Bar BQ $15 all you can eat. And it is good. Real good.
Where did you get the console under the screen? I love it. What is the dimensions?
Chris_ Where did you get the TV console? And what are the dimensions?
Can you tell me about the screen? It looks great, but how is the picture on the fabric? I am guessing yall have used this before. I am in the planning stages of mine HT, and want to make my own screen but I am not sure of picture quality.
Night I sent you an email and left a phone message. I was wanting some info.
Ok can someone break it down for me? I am not very smart, I look funny, and at times smell. So talk slow, don't look at me and hold your nose. At first I thought irule was great (I still do) and easy to use. But as I have moved from page 1 to 232 I have gotten more confused. I bought ibuilder and can make basic pages; I even made the landscape page for DirecTV that has the channel guide thru /sillysot.com/dtvtest (thanks Jim). Ok this is the area that yall lose me,...
Any better place (or more organized) to find out how to set up, what to buy, where to start. This is overwhelming. I am building a HT in about 2 months and want to use irule as my controller. I looks and sounds like a great app. I know sort of what to buy, but just need some guiding. What I will use: Blu Ray AT&T U-verse Mitsubishi HC4000 Some sort of receiver (not sure yet) Lurton lighting And probably other stuff just starting out and still in the learning curve.
New Posts  All Forums: