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Same Firmware as Pixl. C03 C01 B04 12/12/05 cant seem to get the 2nd menu screen again dont rem how either, tried it all... spoke too soon - http://factory-reset.com/wiki/Optoma_Service_Menu OFF L L Menu seems to work
Works for me! I didnt try it with a Source hooked up, is that the key? Just turned on the PJ, popped up the service menu (wow lots of things to do in there!?) and turned it off 10 mins later... hope thats ok for the lamp? Anyway... agree, lame on one hand of Optoma to not have manuals and a 2 year warranty instead of 3 (only available through your receipt as proof of purchase, not in a card or anything in the box!?), but I guess the savings are passed onto us right?...
Cheers guys! Wajo, do you work for them? I read all your posts, and wow... either you are extremely obsessed or work for them either way thanks for all the info! whats so important about pre-titling the program?
can anyone please help?
Hey guys, thanks for info in advance! My moms TV/VCR combo died. She only cares about recording her soaps and other programs. She doesnt want Cable, or Tivo. So to just get basic channels and record them, playback, with easy menus for old people, what would be good to get her? Ive lived in the UK the past 6 years so am not up to speed with the whole digital conversion in the states, but I think I understand that there are no more analog channels and you need a...
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