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Convert it to an .MP4 or an .avi file and you should be alright. My 360 wont play .mkv files, not surprising that the USB input on our TVs doesnt either
I've got a stuck or dead pixel after two weeks of owning this thing. Do I take it back and exchange for another? Also, has anyone been able to determine what version WH04 actually means? If I'm going to exchange it, I want to make sure I get a Samsung panel, if I already don't have one. I've got the UN55F6300, so any input on panels would be sweet. Also having an issue with the TV not turning off when I turn it off at times. Anyone else experiencing this? I'll power down...
How is picture quality? I have noticed the dimming thing during gameplay as well with Game Mode set to ON. I really only notice it on my 360, while my Xbox One doesn't really ever have that problem. I'm not sure if it's the games I'm playing on the 360 or what, but it can get annoying. Anyway, I will probably try out the PC Mode calibration just to see how it looks on my set, just thought I would get your input on Picture Quality. Also, what HDMI source do you use? I don't...
You would have to go into the set up menu for your cable box and turn it NATIVE output. That way each signal is displayed on your TV how it is coming from that broadcast. Should help out with that problem, and also fill up the screen on non-HD content
I use game mode ON for watching movies on the xbox, but when streaming netflix, I leave game mode off, and have the set tweaked to the movie mode setting. Truly, I dont notice much of a difference between game mode ON and OFF visually, but I do notice the input lag, so I just leave it on.
Where did you find it for $749? Ive got the UN55F6300, and we snagged it for 997 last weekend. I saw someone on here posted about MicroCenter having it for 849.99, so I am going back today to get the price difference. Wouldnt mind an extra $100 though!
I used sodaboys settings for the most part, coupled with some xbox one calibrations. I can post my exact setup when I get home, but even the game mode settings outside of game mode look very good. Just set the picture mode to movie when not in game mode
Sodayboy581, I used your settings as a base, then used my Xbox one to put the final tweaks on the color brightness to adjust for how my living room is set up with this panel. Thank you for taking the time to post those settings, makes a world of difference for a guy who likes a crystal clear, accurate display.
I just wanted to say, I love this forum. I switched over to the UN55F6300 from the PN51F5300, and I must say that while the picture on the LED doesnt have the same depth, the amount of detail and accuracy with the colors is amazing to me. I was a huge plasma guy, but the new place I moved to has too much natural light, and the reflections were too much to handle. I really have no complaints about this tv, especially after setting it up to one of the users iPro calibration...
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