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Quote: Originally Posted by Darth Cardo less image retention What are you basing this on? Have you tested both? (not trying to pick a fight, just want to make sure)
Well, yeah, the sammies do well without it. But it's a matter of principle. I was getting used to the idea of not having mjc this year (and i didn't want to resort to buying a model from last year just for mjc), and then some countries get it, and some don't? It's just stupid, IMO.
I might just kill someone over this bs...
Bar? He already has the girls. Now THAT's a party pad =PI'd enter face stomping mode if i was ever done that.
If you're european, you get 42'', 50'', 55'', and 65''.
In all Europe, actually. If his forum name suggests italian citizenship, then he'll get a 50'' vt30. I may be getting one, myself.
I guess they're very focused on contrast ratio this year =P
Quote: Originally Posted by hotskins I would take the 64d7000 over the 60GT30.. Just my opinion after looking at both.I think Cleveland Plasma had some great deals on the 64d7000s Have you seen them side by side? If so, what set seemed to be better at motion handling?
Well, you're probably right. D8000 passed chad's test, so i guess it must have been the feed. But since a d7/8000 is included in my array of options for 2011, i'm easily frightened...
^ Those are some very worrisome news...
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