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Found it. Forums/Seaton Sound Central/Submersive humming thread. Post 6 has the link. Good luck!
My submersive had an annoying hum as well. I google submersive hum and found a pic showing how to solder a floating wire in the XLR cable. Quick fix, now dead silent.
Why did you make me look at these pics? What is your address so I can send you a pair of M60s for piano black finish. Really really nice.
Upset? . Is it the lack of a ? Lol. Too wordy for me. And yeah don't mention the Epiks and those lowly Power X subs in the same breadth.
blah blah blah blah blah. The nerve! I owned an XS15 and it was no Empire in terms of sound quality. As for output, perhaps better low end if that is your cup of tea.
There is a bitter sweet relationship with Empire/Legend owners. Unless you have experienced one for extended listening, you cannot begin to appreciate the sound quality and performance.
That is one sweet setup.
I think that we all understand the scope of Seaton Sound. Still, must be frustrating being on the other end. I hope they feel whole once they get their hands on the subs, without the bitter aftertaste. For future orders, if any, such shipments should probably have a "pre-order" status or similar so that timetables are realistically conveyed.
This can get expensive very quickly. Have you considered the vented PSA subs?
More like the old mid-bass vs extension conundrum:)
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