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Anyone know if the 818 can reasonably drive 4 Ohm speakers. I don't expect the greatest but will it do the job until I can get an amp. The sensitivity of the speakers is 88db. Wondering if I need to get an amp immediately or if I can use the 818 by itself for a while without messing up the speakers or getting terrible performance.
Anybody have any experience with the Diva 6.3? Thinking about picking up the system. Seems relatively new and can't find any reviews on it. Also they are 4 Ohms with a sensitivity of 88. Would the Onkyo 818 have enough juice to power them adequately or should I be looking to get an amp also? Thanks
Yes, I am in the US and if in fact they are not available here, then it makes perfect sense why I can't find anything about them here, much less anywhere to purchase. I assumed since the Diva 6.2F were running about $1.1K a pair that the 8.3 would be in the $1.3-1.8k range. If they are anywhere near $3k then I will look elsewhere. In any case how do you like the 6.2F? They look like gorgeous speakers and at $1.1K they fit my budget. Any knowledge of where I might be...
I have been lurking in on the forums while doing some research on setting up a HT in my basement. I came across these speakers and haven;t been able to find out much about them. Anyone have any experience with these? Looking for a 5.1 system below $3k and wondering if I should add these to the list of potentials.
Any impressions of how the system stacks up against say the Paradigm SE System? Do you loose anything in overall HT use by not having a sub?
Am in the same situation. Curious as to what did you ended up doing, and if you are satisfied with it?
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