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What do you guys suggest about Dithering or Deep Colour options, ¿should I activate any of them?. Greetings.
I would also like to know the answer to your questions, because I am also planing to buy a large HDD, but just wanted to remind you that even if the Oppo doesnt suport 4TB, you can always make a partition, my Dune Smart D1 doesnt suport more than 2TB, and I have a few 3TB HDD with 1,5 TB partition and work great.About the Oppo, I already mentioned that compared to my Dune, the Oppo 103eu picture is a great improvement, with less noise, more detail in the shadows, more...
Great pictures ray0414, its the same diference I get from my Dune Smart D1 vs Oppo103, better color, less mosquito noise, more crisp, and better detail in the shadows, the comparison of the Back to the Future pick is perfect.
I think you are right, when I first got the Oppo103 about 1 month ago, and started using it instead of my Dune D1, I thought it didnt sound as good, and that I had to use around 3 or 4 db more to get to the same level of sound, but this morning after writing my mesege here in the avsforums I dicided to do some real testing conecting my Dune again directly thorough my Anthem MRX 500 receiver, and I have to admit that I was wrong, the sound level seems to be the same, I...
Thanks for your reply, I understand that since its digital audio through HDMI, the receiver processes the sound, but I still get 4db less than with my Dune, and to me the sound quality isnt at the same level, I dont think every machine has to sound equall just because its digital through HDMI, sound quality might also depend on things like componentes and cirquitry of the source.
I must say I am very happy with the picture quality of the Oppo 103, its really a nice step from my Dune Smart D1, but I am not to happy about the sound quality, I am using HDMI 2 output exclusivelly for audio and have tried both PCM and bitstreaming, and both sound arround 4 db lower then with my Dune, but even when I put more volume it doesnt seem to sound as good as my Dune, ¿is this normal?, ¿is there something I can change to get better sound?. Greetings.
I have the same projector, and the flahsing is a lamp issue of the Sony HW50, it starts flickering after a few minutes if your source is 24hz or 23,976Hz, if you disable the 24hz in the picture menu of the Oppo you will see that on the Sony 50 menu you get 1080p60hz, and you wont get any flickering.Another way to get rid of it is putting the high lamp mode on for a second, but when you turn your lamp back to low mode, after about 20 or 30 minutes you will get the...
http://www.forodvd.com/attachments/f8/9898d1391461588-oppo-103-bdp-103eu-img_3095.jpg http://www.forodvd.com/attachments/f8/9897d1391461553-oppo-103-bdp-103eu-img_3094.jpg Hy, tomorrow I will be getting a second hand Opppo103eu, and wanted to know if I should upgrade the firmware or not, you can se the current firmware in the images above. Thanks for the help.
Hy, I want to get a bulb replacement for my Sony50, and would like to know if anyone has had any experience purchasing other brands like Philips instead of the oficial Sony one, in Spanish forums some users of other projectors like JVC have bought Philip bulbs and are very happy with the results. Greetings.
Hy, I would like to know how is the sound quality of the Oppo 103 with CDs, Flac etc.., I already own a Dune player for mkvs that works really great, so I would use as a music player, and would like to get great sound. Would also like to know if it outputs audio at 44.1 kHz, since its better for 2 chanel music, my Dune only ouputs at 48kHz which is great for movies but not for music. Thanks and greetings from Spain.
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