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So my Onkyo 360 HDMI audio output died. I noticed this after I had a new direct tv box put in. I don't know if that was the cause or the 2 year failure that lots of people are complaining about. http://forums.onkyousa.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=3035
So here is an update on the 360. I've not changed any setting from stock, I did do the firmware update that helped with some issues. Here is what keeps happening and I'm not sure it's normal or not for this receiver. When I play a BR movie the sound cuts off for 1-2 seconds maybe 2-6 times thru out the movie. If I unplug the HDMI cable from my tv to this rec. and plug directly to my br player no issues. Also when I watch a br movie and turn off the rec. and turn on my...
Zen - here is my .02 worth. I have OCD and I went back and forth LED, LCD or Plasma. 37", 40" or 42". No name brand, name brand and which one. How much I want to spend and how much I'm willing to spend. Thin tv, and benzel or a little thicker. I couldn't find the perfect tv, but I'm happy with what I got. You have to ultimately make the decision. My room is small maybe 8X8 so I'm probably less the 7' from the tv. I went with an off brand 42" with big benzel and...
Zen, I bought a few t.v.'s for the bedroom and most didn't sound good. This one sounds fine to me. Now it's no surround sound, but very adequate IMHO. I'm in So. Cal also, you can see and hear on display at the local BB stores. Call them first, seeing this model is on clearance.
I bought the LN40D630 yesterday from recommendation for another thread. All I have to say is I absolutely luv this T.V. Great picture out of the box and good viewing angles. I had a 5 year old Vizio LCD that died. I also just purchased a LG 55LW5600 LED 3D T.V. I have to say the pic. on the Sammy is much better and no flashlight effect like the LG.
Thank you guys, I'm now a current owner of a Samsung LN40D630. I almost bought the Panasonic P42S30 on clearance, but they were out. So I ended up with this Sammy for $640.00 plus tax at the local retailer. Oh and I like the fact that it doesn't have the flashlight look in the backround like some led's while on display. I'll hang and hook it up this weekend. I'll let you know what I think, awwww I couldn't wait. I put it up yesterday and all I can say is awesome. I...
Again, thank you. I'm going down today or tomorrow and getting this tv. Hopefully they still have them, they were getting rid of last years models.
Thanks Boiler, just need some convincing hehe. Yeah I get all caught up. So you thing the 630 would be the way to go? The price difference between the 550 and 630 is only $80. The price between the 550 and un40d6000 is $200. So I don't need to worry about contrast ratio? I actually liked the 60hx lcd that burnt up in my bedroom more that the led lg I have in the living room.
Yes I was ready to buy the LN40D550 , but the 3 places I went all recommended the led 120hz Samsung like the UN6000 or UN6300 series because of contrast ratio. They also said the LN40D630 which is 120hz lcd, but much lower contrast ratio. Urgh they make it so difficult. And I watch more tv in the bedroom then the living room where I recently bought the LG55LW5600. And I see the new Samsung tv's are out and are cheaper than last year comparable models, like the UN40D6000...
I know this is an older thread, but I'm looking for this exact size for a bedroom. I was looking at the Samsung 6000 series either the UN40D6000 (2011 model) which is actually more than the UN40EXH6000 (2012 model). I tried a few sub $500 40" tv and I didn't like them. So I'm looking for something better for the bedroom and I don't care about the internet stuff.
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