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When exactly does the banding occur? That information would be interesting so we can compare it with the UK release which is gonna be released in April.
Yep, "Once" was shot with a Sony HVR-Z1 .
Then you have to change the rules. Seriously...as a moderator you should edit the first post in this thread. I'm glad I've already seen the movie. I'd be upset if I hadn't seen it and read the spoilers.
Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert.
I'd say slight DNR & lower bitrate.
I looked at your screenshot comparisons and have to agree. There's quite a bit of detail loss.
Wow...that's quite a difference.
I've recently purchased a BDT500. I've noticed that the disc drive mechanism during CD playback is making clattering noises (and a pulsating whirring). I recorded the sound so you know what I'm referring to >>> https://mega.co.nz/#!hZZzDaLI!B-IXTlV2dmY779GohMo1IWiN329ybDUiBsMnL6nnglg The weird thing is that this only occurs when playing back CDs. The clattering and pulsating whirring doesn't occur during Blu-ray playback. Can anyone else confirm this or am I the only...
I have a question regarding the BDT500 (I haven't purchased the player yet) >>> I would like to assign a stereo audio out (analog cinch) to my receiver (when I play CDs) and another stereo audio out (analog cinch) to another pair of speakers (when I play Blu-rays/DVDs). Is that possible?
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