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That is awesome.Can you take screenshots of these three frames (or one of the three frames) ?>>>US BD (you have to copy & paste the link in order to load the screenshot):http://www.highdefdiscnews.com/screenshots/moonrise_kingdom_23.pngDE BD:http://imgbox.com/adppNcNxhttp://imgbox.com/adiKl8NA
Are you able to take screenshots?I would also like to know what the average video bitrate of the UK BD is.Ralph Potts mentioned in his review (US BD) :Source:http://www.avsforum.com/t/1432077/moonrise-kingdom-blu-ray-official-avsforum-review
I've also been using an HP LP2475w since three years. It has the exact same issue since a while (even visible on white background)...of course AFTER the warranty expired.
DoBlu is the only site which matches the colors of your screenshot (more saturation).So who captured the colors properly...you & DoBlu or Blu-ray.com & High Def Digest?
I agree...this is unacceptable.
Yep...that doesn't look good >>>http://www.caps-a-holic.com/hd_vergleiche/comparison.php?&art=magnify&x=443&y=278&action=1&image=4&cID=1275&cap1=14409&cap2=14393&gamma=&lossless=1#vergleich
WOW >>> http://www.caps-a-holic.com/hd_vergleiche/comparison.php?art=magnify&x=530&y=345&action=1&image=7&cID=1275&cap1=14412&cap2=14396&lossless=1#vergleich
That's disappointing...reminds me of the color & exposure changes of the opening scene of "The Million Dollar Hotel" (DE Blu-ray).
Caps-a-holic screenshot comparison (US Blu-ray vs DE DVD) >>> http://www.caps-a-holic.com/hd_vergleiche/comparison.php?&art=magnify&x=190&y=384&action=1&image=0&cID=1247&cap1=13863&cap2=13855&gamma=&lossless=1#vergleich
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