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40' Redmere from Monoprice. No issues running from a PC in another room to my AV receiver. I also installed a 50' redmere for a future projector.
Great info. I appreciate the input from everyone. Going to go with the chase strips everywhere. I can see myself sitting by the pool beside my kegerator watching the colors chase each other.
The future is cat 6 and fibre. Run cat 6 alongside fibre in your walls. Terminations will come down in time. Its cheaper than throwing conduit in the walls and a hell of a lot easier. HDMI 1.4a will support 4k 3d resolution so your probably safe as far as that goes for the next 10 years. The future of TV content is the internet. Make sure you have a direct pull from your tv to your router and from your receiver to your router. (I ran cat 6 and fibre). If you want...
Thanks for the input. Looks like it would be cheaper to build an addition to the house =)
I am in the process of renovating my movie room/basement bar/party area. I am going to be installing floating/flying crown moulding and plan to install LED RGB strips behind the crown. 1) Should I go with the 30 LED/meter strips or the 60 LED/meter strips? 2) I am also thinking of buying waterproof strips and mounting them in the pool. Are the 60 LED strips bright enough to light up the water at night? I was also thinking of mounting these strips as christmas lights...
I'd like to be able to install a higher end projector and move the panasonic 65vt50 to the bedroom. My problem is that I have a bulkhead in the way that can't be moved. I was told projectors need around 15' to give the size of picture I'm looking for. (approx 200"). Are wider angled lenses/projectors available?
3D won't explosive until glasses free 3d becomes affordable in the home. I don't think the real push for 3d is in movies, butFPS video games and car simulations... 4k glasses free 3d with a gaming chair/steering wheel/peddles anyone?
Just bought a pair of vf-36 for $200 a piece on bestbuy.ca They had a 2 day sale, online only. As of monday morn they are back to $649 I went to future shop and bestbuy to have a listen and I can honestly say I thought it was going to take years to be able to afford speakers with that type of quality.. not audiophile, but better than 99% of the junk out there that my friends/I own. Also ended up buying a set of RF-82's for the basement and plan to put the...
New Posts  All Forums: