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What error messages do you get, and which version are you on? (Tells you in the About menu item) It shouldn't pop up any errors even if there is no sound device..
Hi, Sounds like what you have is a HDMI handshaking issue, which isn't what AVR Audio Guard helps with. My program is to prevent loss of audio caused by the receiver switching sound modes, so you could run both programs together if you have that problem as well Marc
before i bought a proper home cinema, i had a set of creative surround sound speakers attached to my pc sound card. After moving house, i set everything up, but was getting no sound out of the rear speakers. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting, cleaning contacts, reseating the sound card, you name it. I also tried wiring the front speakers into the rear speaker ports and then those speakers wouldn't work which had me worried about the sound card. I got more and more...
no, but Onkyo's are pretty slow at switching compared to some other brands of AVR so it seems a lot worse on them.
yes that is a little annoying. I have avast and it alerts me if the program tries to update unless i exclude my website from the "web shield". Try excluding c:\users\[you]\appdata\local\apps and c:\users\[you]\appdata\local\AVR Audio Guard from being monitored and it might stop that from happening.I'm not sure how to get the AV programs to start trusting it, i guess it happens eventually if a bajillion people download it..
no, afraid not, software can't affect that as its down to the hardware on the receiver. I switched from Onkyo to Pioneer myself, the audio switches on that are very fast indeed so i don't actually miss more than a split second of audio when a bitstream starts, but there is still enough of a delay to miss Windows sounds so i use the program myself.
Thanks i'm glad you finally found it, it has been around for just over a year but it's only since i released the most recent version a couple of days ago that i managed to work on SEO and get it up the Google page rankings enough to be found easily!If you're experiencing the bug, you will probably see the display on your receiver switching from one mode to another every time a windows sound plays (bring up the volume control and click the slider to create a "ding" to put...
Sorry it's taken so long, but i've finally finished my site and finished the latest version of the software. I've updated post #1 with the relevant information, including the link
Which media player/codecs are you using? I am using PotPlayer with its internal codecs and i have the exact same issue as you, which happens because when you pause a video the player drops the exclusive-mode audio stream and then restarts it when you unpause. I think this is down to software and not all media players/codecs do this. I used to use mpc-hc with ffdshow and that only used to drop the exclusive-mode stream if the audio was DTS-HD or TrueHD; for regular DD and...
Thanks I tried to get it to play well with ASIO but unfortunately couldn't find any way to do so. If you start an ASIO stream and then start my program it will start in "red" mode but ASIO won't override the PCM if it's already playing, and i tried changing from WASAPI to WaveOut, Directsound and ASIO itself to play the PCM but to no avail. The naudio library i'm using doesn't support AsioIn so i can't "record" from the Asio device to see if it's active, but hopefully...
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