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Am I to understand even thought it was shipped from UK, it is still playable in our USA Blu Ray Players? No coding on the disc?
Having posted the original thread on this subject, I am pleased to advise that I am now starting my 3rd year with them and nary a problem yet. Their communications and responses are impeccable and timely. And yes, they are shipping from CA so plan accordingly.
Was looking at the Power Sound Audio XV15 Subwoofer, for one, that had this comment listed. http://www.audioholics.com/reviews/speakers/subwoofers/xv-15-subwoofer
Can you experienced Subwoofer guys provide an answer for a somewhat inexperienced Grandpa? I am looking to replace a cheap Subwoofer with a new, more mid-priced, model. In some that are reviewed I note under the heading of "Cons" for the speaker unit a comment is often posted reading "Some port noise with heavy deep bass". Can someone clarify what that is? Is that the same occasional crackling sound that I get from my current one during some movie scenes that rely on...
Well, like JC or not, like Titanic or not, feel redoing an old film in 3D is good or not, one cannot deny it has made over $200,000,000 in less than 3 weeks. That on a $80,000,000 upgrade investment. Has beat out most of the new films that opened. Any studio not happy with that kind of return on a film?? Greatness in film has a way of coming back to the theatres again and again. Witness: Gone With The Wind as maybe the classic of all classics on films returning to...
Well, Bishop, now that you have received your first disc and have gotten some important feedback on this rental service, can I make a suggestion?? It seems to me that going through ebay is probably a wasted step. It may have been fine for an initial intro, but I would think not on a continuing basis. Ebay is really set up to sell things. Not to rent them. So, why not start to deal with these people directly from their own website? I think you can see that most of us...
Hi Bishop, me again. When I checked the ebay you referred us to I found the following: This is a rental so you must return the item. This rental is currently in pre-order status. We will give you an update on shipment by the official release date. Was this there when you rented?
Not in defense of them, they are more than capable of defending themselves, and I certainly am not familiar with ebay, as I don't use that buying service so I don't know what their rules are, but at no time in the past have I waited longer than 3 days for them to send another email advising the disc had now been shipped in followup to their original shipping delay notice. And also remember, if you are not willing to wait, when you get such an email announcing a delay,...
In answer to your question about how long to get the movie, I bought the player from Amazon in late January. Filed the free disc form immediately. Got the video about 2 weeks ago.
For what it is worth, I saw no crosstalk in the film? The picture and sound were pristine all the way through.
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