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You may want to check out the 4520CI. You can find it new for a lot less than its MSRP.
In your circumstances (width limited) it makes perfect sense to go 16:9 with a masking solution. I would do the same.I had some flexibility with the seating position, and also some (but not a lot of) flexibility with the width. I discussed the screen dimensions with Chris Seymour over the phone and went with his advise. My 125" diagonal scope screen from a 11 feet distance is very immersive, and the masked 16:9 image is reasonably big but not equally immersive.
My listening levels are in -12 to -5 below reference range and I can vouch for the quality and clarity of 212s (and quintuples, which were my mains before I bought 212s) at these levels. My wife often listens to music at significantly lower volumes and the speakers maintain the same clarity and depth.The vocals on 212s were already pretty good but they are unreal after applying room treatments.Take the leap of faith. You won't be disappointed
Your usage is pretty much like mine, and a scope screen is a no-brainer I switched to it a few months ago and I am not going back.The vast majority of action and adventure movies are shot in that aspect ratio, where filling the whole screen really matters. 16:9 movies are generally character dramas and you can easily live with a smaller picture.
Correct. You can still watch them in 16:9 mode and live with some black bars (or keep switching all the time which gets annoying).Good thing is that very few movies fall into that category.
The projector does not modify the content aspect ratio. If you watch a 2.35:1 movie on a 16:9 screen (or a regular widescreen TV), there are horizontal black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. If you watch the same movie on a 2.35:1 screen, you can zoom in and project the black bars outside the screen and fill the whole screen with the content. It works perfectly as long as the area surrounding the screen is also dark. The lens memory allows saving multiple zoom...
Is your room light controlled and painted dark? Do you plan to watch 3D content with 4810?138" diagonal from 18' is going to be too much for 4810 in most situations. I have a X500 (4910) and it's bright enough for a 125' diagonal scope screen in low-lamp mode from a throw distance of 15' in my flat black painted basement theater with black carpet and full light control on 2D content. But when I watch 3D movies I end up enabling high-lamp mode to get sufficient brightness.
Then I am guilty as charged But I use Audyssey dynamic eq which boosts LFE by 5-7 db I tried a few DBs higher and I liked it on some content but did not like it on the rest.
P.S. My charity also accepts S2 "donations"
If the subs are running level matched with the rest of the speakers the number of subs should not matter. If you are running them hot, that's another story
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