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You cannot even tell mine is an HTPC. It is fluid..
My WMC Recordings located on my HTPC in the main viewing room are no longer available through the MediaBrowser app on my android or on the various Rokus I have scattered around the city for use by my friends and the one I have in my house. I can still access Recorded TV via WMC on the HTPC of course. It seems the addition of TV to MB has caused issues with my "traditional" set up.
Done right you will have no problems with either of these.
The lack of search on the Roku is the biggest complaint I hear from my friends that I share my library with (I have one too and find it cumbersome as well). I'm wondering how that is coming along but yes a search in MBC and MBT is nice.
I have a problem with my WMC recorded TV folders now. I have a category set up in MB3 Server for recorded TV which is mapped to my WMC Recorded TV folder in my HTPC but when I look at the Edit Metadata page it shows a different path all together. I do not want this. How do I fix it? Thanks..
I have been using a Prime exclusively for three years and have never needed a back up CableCo STB in case I had a problem with my PC. It is basically an appliance for me.
Do you know which chip it has? It's been a while but I still have mine and it has th 1073 DD+ chip in it and you flash it with the MedeBO f/w hack it will bitstream and/or decode lossless audio like dts/HD-MA and Dolby TrueHD. That said, because it is older hardware it operates quite slowly. I prefer my Roku 2 XS with Mediabrowser.
Did you rip it with makeMKV? What version if yes.
Have you tried Hunger Games yet?
Which build are you using?
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