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I think that projector has component input from what I found via Google. You may be able to do what you need with this from monoprice.
You're right. I'm done. No reason to continue this discussion as it is just distracting actually. The suggestions on the ways to accomplish this are correct. I looked at them back in 2011 but went a different way..
Ha! Well. I must say that is appropriate.. I thought I was done but guess I am not and that is not unusual around these parts. Okay. I must ask why the opposition to doing this from the OP? I and many before me even have been doing this reliably for a very long time, myself since 2011. I'm still running on my i3-550 Clarkdale (although I've added a GPU for better performance on mkv playback) and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Reliability is not a...
I said I was done with this thread but seriously we can inform the OP how to do what he wants to do but not inform him of a better way to actually simplify what it is that he is doing? SHEESE.. I stand behind what I am saying but everybody is entitled to their opinion in this matter.. Carry on. I'm done now.
Yes, extenders suck at playback of local content. The echo failed to deliver on this promise but sure could have if it were implemented correctly from the beginning. I picked a Roku 2 XS when newegg had them on sale for $40 so this using the Media Browser app combined with the echo provide for a great solution but it requires switching inputs. It is so said that ceton didn't develop the echo as an android device first and then layer WMC TV functionality on top of that.....
Okay. I really think that the OP is over thinking all this and should just get a Prime or InfiniTV and be done with it. Watch up what's left on the CableCo DVR and return it pronto. Leave it in the hinterlands and enjoy CableTV without the huge expense of the CableCo's STB. This is the best advice you will get and I'm not the only one telling you this. I'm done with this thread as it is beyond the point of usefulness.
That's what I experience but just thought it was something I was doing. What software can make 3D mkv's?
I see. Thanks. Maybe madshi is working on it in his spare time to implement in MadVR. In the mean time, I guess I'm stuck with TMT and BD.iso. This brings up a question, does makeMKV make full SBS 3D mkv's from Blu-ray?
As far as PotPlayer goes, how many here are using it? I've been using and really like MPC-HC, especially with MadVR, but may tell MB to use PotPlayer for 3D mkv's if that is possible to do. If it is the same extension on 3D files that my not be possible, though. Thoughts and comments on PotPlayer are welcome.
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