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Maybe this would be better discussed in this thread rather than the MPC-HC thread??So chime in..
That looks like a place to start as our cards are about the same although mine is not OC'd. I have a 60VT60 Plasma BTW.
You mean that they are similar? I'm not understanding what "in basic" means.
Can you more clearly state what it is that you mean? What is the current GPU on the market? Is it impossible to max out MadVR with it or with mine?So no current card can handle the highest settings of MadVR?Most all of my content is 1080p x 23.976fps so I don't think I'm doing much up-scaling at all but for some of my DVD content at 480p..
Cool. Thanks. I missed the 87.4 update actually when these new algorithms were added in. I'll need to do some research but it would seem that some of @renethx's prior "Levels" will be outdated now. Maybe a Level 6 and Level 7 need to be added? I'm thinking my current Radeon HD 7850 should be up to speed for this.
That may be the case, bryan, but I've had good service from this one. Of course I haven't pushed it nor tried to install an add in wireless adapter either.
I'm mobile but here's a link to cdw's mobile site with the specs. $620 now. My laptop has appreciated apparently.
Just saw the 801.11ac requirement. This laptop doesn't have that "out of the box."
I got a great HP 4150s i3-3110M with intel HD4000 graphics for $500 a while back. It comes with an installation disc for Win7x64 and has no bloatware either. See if you can find one, maybe on evilbay as they don't seem to be listed on TigerDirect anymore.
Apparently there are a bunch of new settigs in MadVR now. Anyone played with it yet?
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