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Does the Harmony Hub work with the H-900 RF remote?
Newsleecher but that's on my PC.
Yes it did. You switch back and forth between android and WMC by long pressing the green button. The TV tuner in android worked for Copy Once content too but the guide was never implemented.
I have 4 of these buggy little things.. One beta android unit and 3 others I grabbed at $99 which really should just be the base price.
It took me a while the first time but now I can build and configure an HTPC in less than one day.
All four of my echos work fine for Live/Recorded TV but I think it is what the provider is giving me that is making it not be an issue for the echo because the echo can handle it better (just a theory). I really think that if ceton would have held out just a bit longer it would have been a fine product but they probably should have designed it around android to start. I have one of the android units and it does a pretty decent job with Blu-ray rips because it can use MX...
Does it do full lossless audio?Does it do MadVR at Level 5?I haven't heard of it before now and my interest is peaked on this for a client unit.
The "hack" is over on missing remote and is called concurrent sessions.http://www.missingremote.com/guide/how-enable-concurrent-sessions-windows-7-service-pack-1-rtm
I originally built my machine to do just this and be future proof. For me that ended up being able to tune copy protected content using a cable card tuner.
Shouldn't this be in the AVR threads or maybe the speaker threads?
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