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The ETH has 6 tuners. Put two of them to use and there's 12 tuners..
Okay. That is what I have.. Right off the drop is the modem and the Prime.. And the router and a switch. Other switches exist in other rooms downstream of the first switch.
I have switches in several locations in my house with only one run to the location of the switch. Why do it otherwise?
You do two locations in each room so you can be flexible in the placement of networked electronics in the future. Unless you know where you want the TV, etc and want it to stay there forever you need to have multiple locations for the future.
The beauty of TeraCopy is it is resume-able and also the ability to do a check sum verification is cool too.
This doesn't work well for LPCM tracks, BTW.
I had to download the latest s/w update from the mediabrowser website and re-install. All is right in the world now and all my settings and libraries were maintained.
Why are we having this discussion here?
Just me?
New Posts  All Forums: