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Just me?
Is anyone else having an issue where the installation of the new server keeps asking to have the server restarted to finish the installation and then that doesn't do anything at all? I am also having an issue logging into my server remotely by public ip address : Port number too.
That may just fit into my plans time wise. I hope it is a polished product on release.
I have real good strength as the feed is right off the pole to my office as initially that was where the Cable Modem only was. Right now it splits to the Prime, Modem and TA right at the point of demarcation. It seems if it has 6-tuners then it should come with a driver hack but they may just rely on Tuner Salad. The ETH seems a little spendy.
OTA is not really an option.. A lot of sports is missed on OTA and then there's Palladia. Although I do recognize the superior quality, I'm pretty far from the broadcast location so there's a few other things to consider. The local ABC affiliate is real hard to tune at my location for one.
Yup. I should have jumped on that deal and almost did; I hope it comes around again but they are available for $110 or so right not.I bet the 6-tuner model goes for more than $150 on initial release, but we shall see. BTW, I had only heard of the 4-tuner trans-coding model which was supposed to come out last spring or early summer. What gives? Links?
Except for overlapping recordings.The thing is that I'm going to be going from 1 (½) people in my house with one TV to ~4 people with multiple TV's soon so I'll need more tuners available.
So nobody else has any comments? I guess I will be getting another Prime, CableCARD and TA.
I thought the OP was going to be serving remotely to his gf in college. I do this with a 5mbps upload speed pretty successfully.
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