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I don't have any of the movie premiums because I have an HTPC for that but I'm talking about channels like Smithsonian, HDMovies, AXS and Paladia which are popular channels in my house but are all marked Copy Once on Charter where I am located.
OKAY. I'll just toss this out there! I'd PAY for Cable Labs Certification for passing Copy Once content from my Prime CableCARD tuner to this. Any thoughts on going a paid route for those who need it? I'm stuck with extenders for a good portion of my content and then use a Roku for the local stuff as these TV's don't need lossless audio. Still no unified solution to a whole home DVR and media player.
You can also manually grab subs from subscene.
You might want to post your question in this section of AVS Forum too.
I am not running MB3 Server as a service. All is good now though. Had to point to the shared folder and not the shared drive amd folder.
That is all good if you aren't dealing with DRM using a CableCARD tuner. Otherwise, Windows 7 it is.
I made this change and all is good once again. Just odd that it was working fine before..
The whole drive is shared and the path points to the Recorded TV folder. This WAS working and I didn't change anything. Maybe I'll do it the other way and see if it works. The thing is I'm wondering if the Recorded TV folder is different in the MB TV app and that is where the problem lies.
You cannot even tell mine is an HTPC. It is fluid..
My WMC Recordings located on my HTPC in the main viewing room are no longer available through the MediaBrowser app on my android or on the various Rokus I have scattered around the city for use by my friends and the one I have in my house. I can still access Recorded TV via WMC on the HTPC of course. It seems the addition of TV to MB has caused issues with my "traditional" set up.
New Posts  All Forums: