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I didn't want any wides at the moment. Just regular 7.1 setup. I just need the best receiver within that price range that can power my monitors with excellent audio quality. Audyssey room correction software is a must, has to be networked, and of course 7.1.Is the AVR-E400 good enough? :P
I am thinking of getting the Denon AVR-E400. Thoughts?
Thank you for the explanation and warm welcome I am thinking of getting the Denon AVR-E400 wih this setup. What do you think?
But will the larger drivers in the 25c timbre match with the smaller drivers in the 65t? I have room for it no problem with that.JyveTurkey I am not sure what you mean by wides and inline straight out care to explain? Thanks. I am an audio newbie.
Going to buy a whole set of Polk monitor speakers for my upcoming home theater (2x 65t, 4x 55t,1x 15c and PL-200 sub). How does this setup look for 80% movie watching?
When can we expect to see these TVs at Costco?
What do you guys think the PQ be like on the new M series compared to Samsung H7150 and LG LB7100?
Does MB3 support live TV yet? Encrypted channels in particular.
I will jump on a couple of these when prices hit $40/TB.
LB7100s use IPS panels right? Won't the black levels be affected because of this? I am considering the 60LB7100.
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