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Those are very inefficient components for a 24/7 machine. I would go with a more modern platform for such a build (LGA 115x)
I will be building my home theater soon and I am considering buying one of these. Which will have the better picture quality and picture controls?
I am stuck between Samsung UN60F7050AF and Vizio M601D-A3R. Which would be the better buy for my home theater? Which has better picture quality and picture controls?
Where can I buy this sub from?
What will be the usable space after formatting?
Yup completely agreed.
Errthang. About 6TB.
Crashplan user here. I like their service quite a lot, especially with features like versioning and never delete.
I use Acronis True Image Home to make incremental images of my system every couple weeks. It works really good. I have restored several time without any problems.
Hey Mfusick, kindly do a favor for me. Look at some SMART data of some of your Seagate drives. Let me know what you see in the "Raw Read Error Rate", "Reallocated Sector Count" and "Current Pending Sector Count" fields.
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