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I notice all amps for louder makes for sound quality high. which amp can high sound quality create the best scenario for this sound? please give scenario where this could work.
Quote: Originally Posted by RobbyTV yes, another flop year. 2012 is worth the wait. don't spend more than a grand if you need something now. and save the extra money for a 2012 plasma. you will thank me next year of course if you have money to spend or may die from cancer anytime soon.... go for it! My Father's new wife had cancer, she was only 46, just passed away a few weeks ago. only 2 hours after her 46th birthday. they have a 42" 2006...
Ok as we all know the PDP business is dying every year. I have personally watched less and less plasma tvs appearing in stores over the years. Since this display tech is on its way out (probably gone within 3 years), what are us videophiles supposed to buy in the future? LCD's just look plain terrible period compared to plasma. When plasma goes away what are we gonna do? I refuse to pay for inferior PQ. SO are we gonna be stuck with LCD's to buy? If so, then I will buy...
Ummm......... its a tv. Wow.
Has there ever been one? Other than OLED? Also not counting prototypes
I suppose you are right....since Panasonic listened last year and fixed floating blacks. Oh wait... no they didn't. I don't expect the fluc. brightness to get fixed at all.
Um...no. 1.9 gamma for THX is horrible, its not blown out of proportion.
Yep. This forum is awful compared to that one. That forum is friendly and a lot more informative.
Do you know when you will be able to calibrate any 59 or 64 inch Samsungs? Thanks.
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