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I knew it was an april fools joke before I even clicked.
They also said the GT30 will have GT25 (.005) mll and D-nice's reading says otherwise...
How about be a grown man and tell your wife that you will spend your money how you want?I mean, come on.
Wow....thats....not what panasonic said.See, thats why I don't get excited about MLL measurements before D-Nice does it. Everyone else has differing results and D-Nice has consistant results.The GT25 that Ed measured was at .003, and now Ed re-measured and its at .006. What is going on here?!I am only paying attention to D-Nice's calibrations from now on.
Even if I couldnt get the browser it wouldnt matter to me. Its most likely slow and clunky. The 8000 has useless features to me. The 7000 has the same picture quality and a better bezel. 8000 is useless and not worth the extra cost.
Are the Samsungs still upgradeable in the SM? Like, can I turn the d7000 into the 8000 and get the web browser?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mdesevo I was just curious why there is no love for 2011 Lg plasmas? Their flagship PZ950 tv is now shipping from Amazon at a great price. It seems like LG's plasmas are the most bang for your buck. Why no love for LG? Because their plasmas are never extraordinary?
Quote: Originally Posted by StinDaWg Ya, but.... The same person also measured the GT25 at .003fL and the ST30 at .006fL. D-Nice has consistently measured .005fL on the GT25 and he got .008fL on the ST30. So more than likely the true mll of the GT30 will probably end up being .005-.006fL depending on panel variance (same as last years GT25). If it doesn't rise that's awesome, but if it does, well... As long as it hits .005 mll, it fits into...
Quote: Originally Posted by jmpage2 They have the first calibrated measurement up for the GT30 using the Klein meter over at HDJ. It's very very good! Wow, it really did measure .004 mll This gives me a lot of confidence in that article (that also said rising/floating blacks are gone) now. It all seems to be matching up to everything that the HDGuru article said!
I just watched this [ATTN POSTER: YouTube Insert Error: Something went wrong. Please make sure you added the video correctly. Click here to see how YouTube videos should be embedded. There could also be a technical issue that's not your fault. Click here to view the video on YouTube's site. If this link doesn't work, you did something wrong.] and was wondering if any manu. factories were damaged as badly as this? This is terrible to see...
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