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FYI, Robert Zohn has received a lot of GT30's today, and has posted pictures at HDJ. He says they will calibrate and review tomorrow!
Dude, you still have a freakin warranty. Call them and they will fix it or give you a brand new one. Simple.
I reported him. He started calling others names in the thread. Hes a troll.
Do you consider $150-$300, a "little bit more" money?
Quote: Originally Posted by Vader182 You don't like accurate colors? mmkay. Who said that? Ummm D-Nice calibrates in Custom mode. I was going to get him to calibrate mine. Now they say Custom mode has floating blacks.
Quote: Originally Posted by jmpage2 You apparently did not read the whole thing; Except i don't like THX mode, which means I will have to still deal with floating blacks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vader182 New glowing review for the GT30: http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/panas...1103281070.htm So they just confirmed floating blacks still exist. The said it was subtle, but I have a sharp eye. I will most likely notice it.
Quote: Originally Posted by koffas Thanks. I can license the photos for your website for a small fee. Or CP can just take a picture themselves since they have the same tv
"black levels will no longer rise after initial use to compensate for panel aging" If they said that, then that implies that the problem should be eliminated.
Fail.... Measure the screen size for christs sake....
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