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My S2 rose on me. I am NOT going to deal with my tv I spent $2500, rapidly degrade and rise on me again. When I buy my VT30, I will purchase a 2 year warranty. If Cnet reports these things will rise, I will be doing "something" to my tv to get a refund. Idc what people think of me doing this. I'm will not tolerate this again.
Ummmm I see Absolutely no reason to get the D8000 over the 7000. The 7000 looks better anyways, and has the same features as the 8000. The 8000 is pointless....
Have you seen the 2 side by side in-person yet?
thats what i thought as well
I understand that pictures cannot give a good representation of black levels of an individual tv, but when you have 2 tvs side by side, pics can be useful.
The blacks look the same to me in those pictures
Yep, no thanks. I'm not going back to terrible resolution for the sake of 3d
I care about PQ more than screen size. Although thats an awesome setup
Quote: Originally Posted by H_Prestige http://httparchive2.avsforum.com/avs...6#post20129816 "Also, and contrary to what Gary Merson is reporting, expect very, very similar performance between the ST and GT. This includes black levels." oh snap
Quality > Quantity
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