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no, never bought from there. However saw my friend get screwed.
Is the picture grainy to you? My S2 is very grainy looking.
read it again
http://hdguru.com/panasonic-proclaim...asma-tvs/4241/This article says they said they fixed rising and floating completely in 2011.
Dull to you. Realistic to us. Its what everything looks like to us in the real world. If you want everything to look like a cartoon, you should have bought an lcd.
Thats just f***kin ridiculous. I feel for you bro.
I think the Micro-dimming thing is only for the LED D8000. it doesnt make any sense when its comes to plasma.
Wait a second, how can these claims that 2011 Panasonics won't rise be true? D-Nice said Real Black Drive is still being used in the VT30. I thought as long as real black drive is used, they will rise?
Lol, right after CP said we won't have a 64D8000 review for a few weeks, everyone stoped posting in this thread and was on page 2. Will D-Nice be reviewing one for us to ease the wait on Chad's review? I hope. Bump.
No offense, but why do people here buy from Best Buy? They have awful customer service, workers who know jack, don't want to honor their extended warrantys, and much higher prices than online businesses. The only way I can see someone buying from there, is if online business's dont have the tv they want, or the convenience of a local store. Even if thats true, that convenience is worthless when the people who work there charge you much higher prices and not honor your...
New Posts  All Forums: