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man that's heartbreaking LOL I wish mine could do the same
60p uh? sony CX560/700?
@tingham Wow, I'm impressed. GZ-HM1 is awesome! thanks for taking time here man! @jogiba How far were you from the object in that video? I find it's impossible to background-blur with this TM750 if I'm far from the object. Is this normal? thanks mrh
Who here would trade his/her TM900 for my TM750 *runs away*
K, I'm gonna be straightforward here. Firstly, please download from the following link: My TM750's bad side Secondly, please comment on what you see. Are they normal or not. thirdly, please help me by answering the following questions: - The record/pause button on this camera doesn't continue the video file being paused instead of making new video files on each pause. Is it just mine or this is totally normal? - Sound noise like sssshhhhhhh on playbacks? ps:...
photo: Many thanks to Steve Cebu, makr041, and hardworking for taking time here to help me out. I can now improve my videos and stills with background-blurring style. problem solved, thread closed? mrh
Hi everybody, how is the TM900 compared to TM750? mrh
Hi, I'm Markus. How's it going people? hope all is well. k, First off, I would like to tell you that I'm still a silly amateur lol. ehm so I currently have a problem with how to use this camcorder, probably all camcorder lol. It's how to blur the background behind an object using TM750(I deem it the same as Tm700). I've actually been messing around with this camcorder quite a while but haven't yet found out how to blur only the object's background in both auto and manual...
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