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Seems like the no way to watch 3D on the you tube app for Samsung. Kinda lame since they added the feature of having 3D videos on the app. Our else I can't figure it out
One of my favorite 80s rock bands...also picked it up today at Best Buy. I really enjoyed watching it...but dang I feel old just seeing them! Too bad "No One Like You" is not on there, one of their best songs IMO
Has anyone figured out how to watch the 3D videos on you tube on the D7000? When I load the videos using the you tube app, the appear side by side but the option for "3D" on the remote doesn't do anything. It's driving me crazy...
Not sure whether to post here or on the Samsung forum...but can anyone explain how to watch the 3D Videos on the You Tube App for Samsung Smart TV? I have the D7000 and when I try to watch the videos, I can't figure out how to convert them to 3D. When I press the 3D button on the remote, nothing happens when I'm in the You Tube app.
They got the 2011 now for $49.99...i bought two of them this week
Does anyone know if the TV supports usb 3.0? I have a new 3TB drive that's 3.0. My old desktop drive was 2.0 and the movies streamed fine but I'm hoping the 3.0 will load faster if the TV is compatible
I meant to say I got all my movies already but still no remote. I just wish the you tube app could work with they keyboard
I use the app as well on my thunderbolt phone since it is taking Samsung forever to send me the qwerty remote... even though all I all my movies by rebate, remote is taking a while.
Seems like u are looking for pretty much what I wanted...I got the Samsung D7000 and I'm happy. I dunno what deals they have now but I got the starter pack, free bluray player and 25% energy rebate from my city and the TV is great
I went to Sears this weekend all over looking for those glasses and of course they were sold out. The salesperson told me someone came and bought them all that morning! Now it looks like they are back to $130. I heard they are supposed to retail for $50 by May...hope that's true, then I'll just have to wait.
New Posts  All Forums: