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One of the advantages of buying new i guess
You could try using your current surrounds with the reference up front. I would go rf62ii in place of the rf52ii. Its a big jump and will match the rc-62ii perfect.
For that cost you might be better going to a 5ch amp and a mid level avr that has everything you want. But I'm sure it would work great if your set on that model.
My vote would be to get the duel ultras used.
Go buy them now!
Think of it like this. If bookshelf really are just as good with a sub. They would be behind the screen at theaters. Size matters for more than just bass below 80hz.
Bookshelf are nice if that's what the room and budget will fit. I have rb61ii as back speakers and I have owned many reference line floor standers including rf82. The rf82 will give you a much better front stage than the rb61. Sub or no sub it's night and day. Even crossed over at 80hz the rf82 will give you a bigger more effortless sound. Still a lot of bass above 80hz and the rf82 will outperform the much smaller rb61. My advise is the rf62ii and rc62ii.
Those speakers are from a show back in 06 I think she said. If you look at the Klipsch logo that was the logo they used back then and have not used it in years. My guess is she would say no comment before she would lie about it.
Amy said these are a prototype from years ago and were scrapped.
This was probably where i read it can't remember
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