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Near field = being close to your lp. If you have an ultra right next to you it would probably be plenty and would save you some money. But if not the +s will be better imo.
So i have had some time now with the sb2000 in my family room set up. And wanted to give a few thoughts. Its not a big room but does have vaulted ceilings and opens up to other rooms. I have ran the sub with tv, games, movies and lots of music. I have 3 bigger svs subs in the dedicated ht so keep in mind I'm a bit of a fan boy. Over the years i have owned many different subs and have noticed they all have a certain sound based on how low they go (or tuned). One sub i had...
Looks good congrats. I run 2 +s and an ultra and they work great with each other. Imo unless you can place the ultra near field the 2 +s will be the better choice.
1500 for everything is going to be hard to blow your mind. Just a descent sub will eat half your budget.
Used is a great way to stretch a budget
Lol I'm the same way. If I deside to do something it's hard for me to plan it out a long way away. But sometimes that's how it has to go. Better than never
I agree. If he can fit 62s he can fit 82s. Unless he's trying to get under a screen maybe. Idk seems fishy.
I have a feeling if i ran one outside the cops would show up pretty fast.
Hows the bass? (of the 7s with that amp)
Well i run a B&K 200.7 s2 amp and pretty happy with it. But have wondered how the pro amps would run on these. Being how klipsch is somewhat a pro speaker design for the home imo.
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