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PaulB As a suggestion, and depending on your collection size, I highly recommend DVD Profiler for collection management. I have 5 995's almost full. I do a few things using the DVDP software from Invelos. All discs have a unit and slot # assigned which is viewable in the titles profile. I also use the reports function to have a printed list of titles and disc locations I keep in a binder. And they just released an android app so you can have the collection on your...
I had a fun weekend recording some drag racing this weekend, ended up using the camera on a tripod after running around with it being hand held most of the day. Completely forgot about the IS, made working the camera on the pod a bit interesting. As I pan up the IS tries to compensate for the pan, It didnt hit me until that night what was going on, I thought it was the tripod head wandering a bit more past the stops I made. Made me LOL at myself for not turning it off As...
1) Sometimes you need to fiddle with the code timings and are re petes. My Colby DTV tuner was very finicky about that. 2) All you need to do is add them, Press the Squid Eye, Advanced and you can add buttons that are not displayed by default. I'll be honest I am not a big fan of how TS does the device selection, but with the exception of the Switcher and my Ancient DLP HD TV everything else was in the DB -Robert
Yea that woot deal has me looking as well... Just a matter of timing and funds at this point -R
Just depends on what you want from it. I dont do much macro'ing TS is great to deal with do the Basic app and if you want to upgrade contact them, they will credit you the basic cost towards the pro. -R
Well, there are several things to think about. The TSR is a generic device that comes with the software pre installed. Updates via OS etc will be much slower for newer features ( the Android side of that ) Using a more main stream tablet will over all give you more usability and more frequent updates to the OS, but you would need to but the TS or TS Pro app. The paid app would work like any in the app store it should be locked to the Google account but shouldn't allow...
Scott, nothing overly new, they are releasing updates and addtions to the DB on a regular basis. Basic questions take a look at their web site the forums have quite a few threads on various things. If you have a particular question about a feature just ask , i'll try to answer it. I have been using the software for over a year and it controls the mess of a TH system I have ( 5 995v's 1 BR, Tuner, Radio, Switch, TV etc ) -Robert
There is a setting for resetting it, I dont recall there being a switch for on off off, just do or do not. Poke around a little in the settings. -R
I feel your pain, I just picked up a new Dell M6600 ( they are about 50% off at the Dell store ) Basic budget build 4GB memory, the 2.5Ghz i7 Quad Care ATI FirePro 8900. It was spendy butt the screen is out standing and it has the ability to be upgraded ( Ill be adding 32gb of memory and a mSATA SSD ). My old Toshiba with a 2.0Ghz Core Duo would chug through my Youtube videos ( 720p 4500kbps, 25fps, H.264/AVC Audio 256kbps, 44100 Hz MP3 ) and videos that took 30-45...
Most of the external mic's will mount to the shoe ( you have to install it, its in the bag with the cables ) I have the Wasabi Batteries and that is all I will use ( I used them to weight my Steady cam ) so I cant use the stock battery when I use that. I actually removed the hand strap, if I need something I have a lanyard I rigged up that I can clip to my QR tripod mounts D rig. -R
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