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I just used it last night to record a video off my Xbox. Now today it only comes up with this screen: It won't change at all no matter what I change it to. I've restarted the PVR itself and my computer, but nothing changes. Any suggestions help. Thanks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sxf0W9bdsHY
Bumping a old thread because Im looking for the answer again after giving up... So again does anybody know how I can get my Hauppauge 1950 to record my xbox while Im playing? I was able to get the xbox to run through a dvd player to the tv, but I can't get it to go from the xbox to the dvd player and finally though the Hauppauge to get to the tv.
Yeah I want the signal to go from my xbox through my Hauppauge to my computer to record it and to my TV so I can play at the same time while I'm recording.
Nobody has a solution?
Hey guys! I recently bought the Hauppauge 1950 WinTV because my friends and I wanted to have fun posting some gameplays on youtube. I'm able to record my gameplays in theater mode in Black Ops, but I can't figure out how I can play on my TV while recording. I tried having my Xbox go through a DVD player, than into the WinTV, than to the TV via S-Video cable but I was unable to a picture from my Xbox. Does anybody have a set up that would make it possible for me to...
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