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Hello all we have bought e new house and will be moving in there soon.. we are excited and my wife allowed me to use one room as a home theatre.. We donot have any basement or anything so one of the bedrooms is the only options to make the home theatre, our living room is big and would be ideal but it has open plan and it is open to kitchen so I dont think that will be an ideal set up.. But we have two other other bedrooms which I can use as hometheatre but I dont know...
Tried measuring at both the circled spots and didnt get anything.. the DVM didnt move at all on all the pins.. Black was on the screw head on mounting board and the red one was touched to all the seperate pins in the two connectors but none of them showed any reading. The DVM was turned on voltage .. dont know whether I am doing something wrong or that means anything.. I tried to measure the input power also and I was told it should give me atleast 3v of reading but it was...
For instance if I want to measure the voltage at the CN6001 pin 1 and 2, I place the black lead on the central metal plate that can be used as ground right.. and the red on first the pin 1 and then at pin 2 . Does that sound right ? The CN6001 pin is the left down corner black pin where the power goes in .. in the picture above..
I have this pic of power supply board and I cant still figure out how to check the voltages. Can you please tell me in this pic where and how to check the voltages. I got the DVM but I still couldnt figure out how to check voltages. Thanks
Sorry my bad I mixed electricians with technicians.. I meant technicians..I looked at the power supply board for my tv and it is out of stock on shopjimmy and also rivervalley.. On Amazon it is for 169 $.. You were talking about places were you can return it back if it didnt fix your problem can you tell me which place will that be where I can order and see if that fixes the problem and if it doesnt will return it back..
I looked at some videos on shopjimmy and I think replacing the supply board should be easy just using the screwdriver I guess, but I couldnt figure out how to use the DVM to measure the voltages. Do you know of any videos that shows how to measure voltages in the sony tv.. Because if I order power supply it is close to 80 $ and if that doesnt fix the problem I will have to take it to electrician so that will be lot of money.. So I want to confirm before I would like to...
I have never repaired a TV before, do you think it is wise to give this a try and play with it on my own or should I go to the repair guy.. I am just afraid the repair guy will cost me a lot of money but I dont even know how this DVM works.. So dont even know if will be able to fix the whole thing on my own.. what do you suggest ?
I am having problems with my 55 EX720 that it shut down on its own and then I am getting this dreadful red blinking lights. It blinks 2 times and then pauses. I have tried power recycle and factory resetting nothing working. Sony reps were not useful except for getting it serviced but that will cost me lot of money. Is there anything I can do ?
HI folks I am having some problem with my sony tv.. I dont know if this right place to post but could find any other help threads so I am posting here. My TV suddenly turned off on its own and since then I am having this blinking red light and the TV doesnt turn on. I have tried power recycle, and also factory resetting up holding up arrow and power button but these things have not worked till yet. Any other things I can do to get it working again. The red light blinks two...
Well most of my music is on my laptop which I use for listening music through hdmi cable.. it is in mp3 format, so I dont know if there is any other format that would sound better.. most of it is in 190 kbps - 320 kbps bitrate.
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