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Comes with original box, main remote, second zone remote, manual, AM/FM antenna, power cord, and audyssey microphone. Kept in very good condition in a smoke free home. Working flawlessly since purchase in 2009. I am the original and only owner. No trades. Cash only. Local pick up only (local being Chicago). Price is firm.
Count me in!
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Well it turns out all I needed to do was rest the microprocessor and it fixed the audio issues. I tried updating the firmware and it said that I was already updated to the most current version. I check the version it said I was Main Version 00.65 Sub Version 00.15. Which are neither the versions I thought it would be. However I checked the audio and it worked flawlessly. So I will take it. Thank you to everyone for all your help it is much appreciated.
I did not lose my Audyssey settings after the firmware update. When I get home tonight I will have to reset the microprocessor and try to update the firmware again.
I am pretty sure the firmware on the receiver updated with no issues. However I can not find in the Denon menu where it would say if the firmware has been updated. I will connect the Denon to my computer again to check to make sure another update is not available. Currently though to the best of my knowledge the Oppo and the Denon are up to date so I really can't do anything else but wait for a fix. Until the fix happens if I want to watch episode 4 I can just switch...
Yes the Oppo has the latest firmware. So hopefully a future firmware upgrade will fix it?
Ok so I set my Oppo to output LPCM audio instead of bitstreaming and the audio was fixed. So would that mean the problem lies in the Oppo or the disc?
Upgraded the firmware of the Denon but I still have the same issue. During the "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…" screen of Episode 4 I get a lot of digital noise only through my surround and surround back channels. Once the it goes away then into the Star Wars title screen the audio is fine no more digital noise. However for the rest of the film the audio randomly drops out, skips, pops, clicks, etc.
Not yet but I am going to
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