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My 818 gets here tomorrow also. Yay!
I replaced a Pioneer Elite SC-35 with a HK AVR3700. The sound on the HK was much cleaner but the Elite had more "oomph". I have never had a Marantz receiver but that will probably be my next purchase. I change receivers quite often. The HK is a fantastic unit though.
I just ordered a a NR818. I have been buying a ton of receivers the last two years. I will be stacking up the 818 against my new Harman Kardon AVR3700. Never tried a Onkyo AVR, I mainly use Pioneer Elite receivers but I really wanted to try out the Audyssey room calibration. I am excited to try it out, little worried about the HDMI board now though.. I even went out and bought a rack that will give the big Onkyo room to breath so it doesn't overheat.
Yes your receiver has pre outs(please double check the back of your receiver to make sure). I am not really sure why he would say that. He was probably talking about the entry level AVR's bu Pioneer or Yamaha. The Advantage and Elite lines are both brands top tier lines. I have purchased 6 receivers within the last two years(I might have a problem) and I have also owned three Emotiva amps. If you are looking at the XPA-5, that means your budget is at least $1k, if I were...
Wrong section..
I would start by upgrading your AVR. I have actually owned a HK 254 and it was a fine unit but the features that have been added the last five years to AVR's is pretty amazing. I would snag a clerance receiver like a Pioneer Elite or a Yamaha that is last year's model. Yamaha Advantage and especially Pioneer Elite receivers are known for supplying outstanding power with killer features. You can add a XPA-5 later of you feel you need a little more oomph because the majority...
I just picked up a Earthquake Supernova MVIV-12 for near-field placement directly behind my couch. I can't wait to watch that movie in 3D on Tuesday. Will be my first ever 3D movie experience, fingers crossed:)
This is one sorry thread.
O was referring to the OP's avatar, not yours. He made a thread asking what sub he should buy between Rythmik and SVS. He has a SVS woofer as his avatar. I have no idea what sub is in your avatar. Mine is a Rythmik FV15HP gloss black. I hope that clears things up a little;)
Sounds like you have already made your mind up (check avatar). Why fight it? Either sub in dual forn in that sized doom will decimate your hearing.
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