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Black Friday and cyber Monday are approaching.... I would check out the deals HSU, SVS and Outlaw will be offering before you pull the trigger. As for your budget related question, if you have 1k to spend on a sub I would spend it, of you have $500 spend that. I know that is very vague but I am a FITM believer in maxing out your subwoofer budget, not so much on speakers with the exception of your center. IMO, the difference between a $500 sub and a $1,000 sub is night and...
Not bad... I don't like the fact that it only weighs 69lbs but if the specs and price are both correct, we( klipsch fans) might have a winner on our hands.
Congrats on your new purchase. Now I want to hear your impressions..... Do the sub crawl!
Maybe you should add some shakers? I just added 2 Buttkicker LFE's and the Buttkicker 1000 watt amp to my system and now I turned down the gain on my two subs roughly to 1/4 compared to 1/2! Huge difference!
Check and see if they have any of the SuperCube Reference subwoofers left in stock at closeout prices. From what I understand, that is where the DT subs start getting really good. If they don't, buy the Super Cube. You will be able to try it out in your room and see if it suits your needs, if it doesn't sell it and get your money back out of it. I loved the way it sounded but their isn't much love on this site for DT subs on this site. If you on't like it you could always...
If I remember correctly, the DT SuperCube 1 was right around $1,200 when I was shopping at Magnolia fo subwoofers. At $550 I would buy it, if you don't like it for whatever reason you can sell it and get your money back out of it, if it comes with the boxes and original packaging, selling it would be no problem. DT fetchesba premium price tag on craigslist where I live.
IMO, I would save up and buy a VTF-3 MK-4 or better yet, get the VTF-15H. You have two very good subs and they are still nit digging deep enough for you. I wouldn't walk your budget's line, wait and buy a sub that will cost more but will exceed your expectations. As many people on here will tell you, save up and get what you want, otherwise you will second guess your decision and never be happy.
At that price it's a no-brainer. B&W, keep an eye out or a matching used one on craigslist or audiogon and you will have a killer setup at a very low price.
Hello Steph, if I was you I would look at the emotiva ultra sub 12, it is on clearance for $379. I would also upgrade your receiver before you buy a sound bar. I would rather have one killer system than two mediocre ones. There is a marantz 6005 on clearance at Vanns for $500, it has pre outs and HDMI. It would run your new Polks perfectly with it's 110 watts per channel. I would love to help you with advise on a new sound bar but I know nothing about them. I am sure...
That's strange. I only have the gain on both subs set at 50%. should I adjust the gain on the subs lower than 50%?
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