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I am sure they will work with you. Again, I am rooting for you. Quick question. Why are you on your 13th speaker setup in 6 weeks?
Did your phone crash also? With how wired in we are today, that is a poor excuse if you ask me. They ran he sale for over a month. Not trying to be rude but I would just shoot them straight. I am sure they will let you still get the discount, they seem like good people. Got my sipping conformation today. I am pumped! I do hope they help you out BTW:)
Brian is the man! If he ever makes it out to Seattle I'd love to meet him and treat him to lunch. He went waaay above the call of the call of duty with my transaction. When/if I ever get a bigger HT room, I will be ordering another FV15HP.
Last day of the sale so I just ordered the XPA-5 with the black trim kit. It will be getting hooked up to my Pioneer SC-35 which has very good I.C.E. 140 WPC. I hope I can hear a difference. The XPA-5 will be powering my beloved Klipsch RF-3, RC-3 and RS-3 combo. Glad to finally be a member of the Emotiva team:)
I use one LFE unit with each separate piece of my sectional (2). I would advise attaching the units directly to the frame of the couch if at all possible. Not sure about the bed frame but I think it would rattle.
Bass mekanic- Subsonic I am not a huge bass song guy but this is a very good sub exercise.
I am just amazed you don't like it...
http://www.rythmikaudio.com/download/FV15_FV15HP_PEQ3_Installation_Guide.pdf Make sure when you use the microphone to set it up. Set the main speakers to small and set the crossover to 80hz.
Congrats man! I am sure you are going to love it just as much as I do. I watched Tron the other day and spent just as much staring at the FV15HP as I did at my TV. Haha, I am sick!!
I am a huge symmetry freak also but once I put my FV15HP in place and listened/felt it, I knew that there is absolutely zero reason to add another to the room. This thing is a monster:eek:
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