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Any information on this tv regarding input lag? screen uniformity? It looks promising. But can't find any reviews for it.
Hi I am having this annoying problem : Basically when connected to a gaming console when you change the picture preset to game mode it shows up lines going down the screen like vertical banding ( shows on light colours or unlit areas) But as soon as I select normal picture preset it all goes :s I am really confused why this happens and I seem to be not the only one either..... Any ideas?
When I change preset to normal picture it's fine but when I change it to game picture it has the lines? Very strange! Can't use normal preset due to lag!
Issue 1. The dimming on dark scenes annoying! How do I turn it off? Issue 2. I can't get smart tv to work each time I press Internet button just comes up with a error? I am connected to Internet and the demo smart tv works :s
Will try a new Hdmi cable thanks.
I think I am being picky that is all because I have looked at the LCD banding pictures and its not like that. I am only seeing it on bf3 and forza. Could even be how the games made because I am not just seeing it in a certain area
It can be still or moving. But the backlight is even and does not have any clouding issues or anything like that!
It's not banding it's like down the screen there's very faint line not light. It's weird. But the backlight is even no problems what so ever!
I am not sure if all IPS screens are driven this sort of way or not. I get like very very faint lines going down the screen ( its not the backlight as it sometimes shows on dark/ colours ) I don't think it's a fault I think it's how it's driven somehow can anyone explain? Thanks
Took this **** back and got myself a Panasonic 42et5b it's 100 times better
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