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I just purchased a 830 and will be at BB Friday, can't wait. Here's what I saw when I compared the 2 on Yamaha's site... 830 7.2, 2020 older model and 9.2, 2020 has 35 more wpc. Also the 2020 has 6 additional DSP programs and a high resolution music enhancer for older recordings. If you need 9.2 then the 2020 was your choice. Other than above stated per Yamaha's website, the other features look close or same.
Thanks gar!
Somewhere here a Yamaha engineer responded to a post and he stated ypao's lowest freq is 5hz. My question is simple, at what point within the lineup does ypao start to correct the subs response. Example, per Yamaha tech support, my rx-v465 corrects all channels down to 31hz but no sub correction. Not that I would readjust ypao's correction, it would be very cool to see the parametric info, center freq points, and Q values for a given room and setup. Brian...
I understand that YPAO corrects down to 31hz on all channels and I read from a Yamaha engineer somewhere here on AVS that YPAO's lowest center point is 5hz assuming that's the LFE/sub channel. So, assuming they do correct sub channel, can you go back within the settings to see what has been corrected for sub/low freqs? I'm currently using a Denon 2113 and do love the Audyssey MultEQ XT because of the amount of sub filters to correct but also love my other Yamaha receiver...
Yes I'm aware of the download. And according to tech support and its posted within the specs on their site that its pro capable. The point was the greatly reduced price for a brand new non refurbished unit just missing the CD manual. To me that's huge value considering. I've read on here that others have used the pro upgrade with great success and there is a local brick and morter that will charge me $200 to run it. I know on here others have not even spent that.
I just scored the 2113 from best buy in Irvine for $379. All that was missing was the CD ROM. Anyone in the orange county area can check out the magnolia center there and they have a couple 3113's for $500 but they are missing the remotes and also the CD manuals. Smoking deals and I couldn't pass it up. The Audyssey Pro capabilities are my main reason for the purchase and obviously the price. It was also refreshing talking with the sales guy who knew and enjoyed talking...
Thanks for your input and graph/measurement!
Thanks mr. Mullen! PB-1000 sounds like the choice! Awesome!
Mr. Mullen, what kind of in room subsonic response has svs experienced with PB-1000? 18,16, 14hz extension in room? Is the consensus that the pb-1000 is just as low or lower than other variable tuned 18hz one port plugged out of two models???
Anyone run response below stated 19hz tuning? Curious what 16, 14hz looks like. Is it minus 3 or 6db??? Saw a graph showing nice hump right at that 18-20hz region. Brian...
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