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Important to note that it needs a new bulb... Ideas?
Good Afternoon everyone! I am currently looking at buying the Toshiba 56hm66 from craigslist, however I think the asking price of 500.00 is ridiculous. But, I wanted to ask the experts for your two cents, what would you pay for this TV? Thanks! If you can also post reasons why you give it that price so I can make better judgement calls in the future, I would have to consider you a rock star
Thanks so much I really do feel like an idiot now lol. give me one second lets switch those bad boys from the back to the middle, and see what that does
Hopefully i am not the biggest audio noob ever... my reciever is a 7.1 i have a 5 channel set up atm i have the obvious speakers connected properly for sure... front left front right, and center. Turning on my playstation, i just happened to glance at the speaker indicator, and was surprised by what i saw, I have the rear surround speakers connected to my receiver in the back surround speaker spot, however on the light indicator the "RS" and "LS" (wich i am assuming is...
Great stuff im reading the calibration guide atm, already hit the home theater 101 before i posted originally :P Unfortunatly ( spelling ?? ) I think my issue may be that the bose is just a 200 dollar paper weight from the reviews i have read people either love it, or have the EXACT same issue i am having with it, low sound volume, muffled voices etc etc. I desperately want to take it back, but the wonderful lady threw the box out for it :\\
I was wondering as well how the smart control was supposed to work, as there is nothing in my system that has a mic or anything to that effect :S I am very curious, however about properly tuning my HT are there any good walk throughs or guides out there? I keep reading about people with SPL meters and they seem to be sworn by, i just have NO experience using them, what they do how they work etc etc
Thx for the reply I didnt think the distance setting would have a difference in the matter, but i wanted to be descriptive I am wishing i would have researched the bose as the center channel before the purchase, i had no idea it was rated so poorly. Live and learn lol. I will most definately try switching the bose out with one of the polks, but that would still leave the surrounds acting up, what does peak my curiosity, however, is the callibrating. My receiver...
Hey everyone, Well,I just finished setting up my surround system and am having some issues I was hoping to get resolved Before i go to far let me tell you a bit about my set up... The heart of my system is the JVC RX-702B Jensen C-7 Towers Polk T-15 Bookshelves and a Bose VCS-10 Center speaker. I have a Motorola DVR from Charter and a PS3 both connected Via optical audio into the receiver and they both have HDMI out going to my LG 50" plasma. Previously my...
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