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Can you actually use an external HD to expand the 360 Slim 4gb?
Really need to locate my old 20gb and install it in the 360S...
What are these deadzones people are talking about?
Are there any good players out there that can stream music or have a built in HD for under 200? I saw an LG one on Amazon that had a built in 250 gb drive for media and thought that sounded like a good option but didn't know much about it.
Missed the thread above about picking player... my bad.
Hows it sound???
TJ Jones... I was glad I was at a baseball game at that time or I would have come unglued. Game will be on this weekend at the new theatre... now if I just had somewhere to sit... Hell i gave up a ticket for this weekends game so I could be with my kids... i'm old now.
Jeezus that screen makes that TV look tiny!!!
People seem to like the monoprice ceiling speakers if you are on a tight budget. Do you have a preference on the fronts and center? Obviously you want those to match in terms of brand and model. Outdoor speaker depot has some good in ceiling as well as well as Home Theater Depot. I'd also check Vann's as they have a lot of open boxed ceiling speakers from time to time.
I came home last night to an early birthday present. Wifey had bought and had installed projector, screen, AVR, and def tech speakers for a nice 3.0 system. Haven't had much time to play with it... but love the sound and picture so far. Nothing really high end Yamaha RX-667 Def Tech 8020ST's Def Tech CS8040 Epson 5200 projector Pull Down Screen First theatre for us so I decided to scale back on the projector for now but go with better speakers since I love...
New Posts  All Forums: