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I had to set my delay at 25ms, that seemed high to me as well. As long as it works, I'm happy.
Finally rockin' a center channel (CSR). Definitely a big improvement in dialogue. Also had my TV calibrated today. Now I need to think about rears. So here's a question: Should I get just a set of speakers for the rears, or dipoles? My couch is against the wall behind me, so there is no way to have speakers behind me, unless they're literally above the couch. What I've done for now is I have a pair of cheap speakers on each side (total of 4 rear speakers), they are out...
Thanks. I sure will.
I went ahead and pulled the trigger on this since it goes back up to full price tomorrow (at midnight I assume). If these speakers will not match, can someone let me know so I can resell it in a sealed box? Thanks in advance.
Would a CSR match my T15's? The tweeter seems to be the same silk/polymer 3/4", just the "ring" that holds it in is 2 screws instead of 3. I know the CSM and CSi25 are supposed to be the actual match, but the CSR is on sale for $55 shipped on Newegg, where as the cheapest I've found a CSi25 is on eBay starting bid at $40 + shipping... and that's with a wrinkled dome on the tweeter.
Also, I'm not sure if it would have anything to do with it, but I'll add that I have HDMI Link off on the 1700, Control for HDMI off on the PS3 and CEC off on my TV.
I do, it is on Automatic. Also, RGB Full Range is set to Limited and Super White is off. I never could tell any change with them on different settings, so I just left them on their default. I haven't tried to change either one while using the 1700. I've watched Netflix, Hulu, DVD, Bluray and rips via PS3 Media Server as well as played a few games and I haven't had any issues.
Weird, my PS3 is working perfectly through the 1700. I wonder what could cause that.
Charter doesn't want to play along apparently, which blows because my 100mb connection would do nicely with this. I won't even bother calling to ask them about it because I know they'll just throw scripted answers at me, or not even know what I'm asking.
I am using little cheap speakers (I think theyre Coby brand or something) for my rears right now that can handle maybe 30 watts and EZset didn't blow them up, I think your speakers will be just fine. It does get loud, to the point the cheap speakers were crackling a bit. But it didn't blow them.
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