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Haha, thanks guys! They're crossed over at 80Hz
Finally complete and set up! I love these things. They're so clear, especially at high levels. I can listen to these at levels where I was experiencing discomfort with my other speakers. It's been a long process and I'm glad to finally enjoy these. Many thanks to EricH, tuxedocivic, and Bwaslo for the parts and the help to get these completed! Here's the finished XO layout: Before After I literally started laughing after I set them up. They look absolutely...
It was mentioned in another thread that the iNuke goes down to about 10Hz before rolling off http://www.avsforum.com/t/1330665/behringer-inuke-dsp/60#post_22460912
Alrighty. This time I've got the real final design, incorporating some baffle step compensation. Many thanks to tuxedocivic for the help, and guiding me to what I think is a good stopping place. Here's the circuit that I'll be using for my crossover: And this is what it looks like inside: (Horizontal) (Vertical) Also, here's a comparison of what it looked like before the BSC design, and the final design. (It also leads me to believe that the hump at about 500 Hz...
Here's some of my stuff. A lot of my speakers are DIY, so they haven't been included yet.
Totally nuts, but mostly just awesome! I don't envy the wiring you have ahead of you, though.
Thanks for the email, Ryan. It definitely helped me get back on the right track. Here's a test that's basically the crossover you sent me, with a couple tweaks on the HP. (Ignore the rising response from like 5kHz up. I didn't have a small enough capacitor for the RC contour, so it rises too much right now) The bass sounds much better now. The problem at about 7-800Hz is there, but I'm working on a design right now that should mitigate that.
It's practically on the wall, with maybe 3-4 feet from a wall on the left side (small room, few options for measuring. It won't be placed in this room). They will finally be placed near a wall (1-2 feet away) and probably 4-5 feet from walls on the sides.
Well, I'm thoroughly confused now, and no closer to figuring out what's causing the poor bass response with these speakers. I did manage to find a spot where they looked alright in the bass department. It's a shame that it's on the floor, though. Here it is in the same room, but off the floor about 2 feet Finally, I tested a speaker lying around to see if the bass problem was part of the measurement, and this was the result. This is a relatively small ported...
Just PMed. Hopefully this can shed some light on the problem.
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